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Connecting with our community on a personal level is an important part of The Odd Fellows.  Here is a brief history and some details about the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, the Odd Fellows of Pikeville and the people behind it.


A Brief History About The Order...

In 17th century England, it was odd to find people organized for the purpose of giving aid to those in need and of pursuing projects for the benefit of all mankind. Those who belonged to such an organization were called "Odd Fellows". Odd Fellows are also known as "The Three Link Fraternity" which stands for Friendship, Love and Truth.

The Independent Order of Odd Fellows was founded on the North American Continent in Baltimore, Maryland, on April 26, 1819 when
Thomas Wildey and four members of the Order from England instituted Washington Lodge No. 1. This lodge received its charter from Manchester Unity of Odd Fellows in England.

Odd Fellowship became the 1st national fraternity to include both men and women when it adopted the beautiful
Rebekah Degree on September 20, 1851. This degree is based on the teachings found in the Holy Bible, and was written by the Honorable Schuyler Colfax who was Vice President of the United States during the period 1868-1873. Odd Fellows and Rebekahs were also the first fraternal organization to establish homes for our senior members and for orphaned children.

About the Pikeville Odd Fellows...

Noble Grand: Ervin Newcomb


Ervin Newcomb has been a part of the Pikeville Odd Fellows and Rebekah lodge for many years.  He is an active supporter of the programs and cherities supported by the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.  The Pikeville Lodge 294 is very lucky to have such a dedicated member.

Our Staff
Secretary: Gordy Yates


Gordy Yates has been the backbone of the Pikeville lodge for many years.  His eagerness and chearfulness is the very pulse to the life of the lodge.  If there is a task that needs taken care of, Gordy is the very first to eagerly volunteer.  Every lodge needs someone like Gordy Yates.

Treasurer: Ron Tackett


Ron is a young but very active part of the Pikeville Odd Fellows.  He is very friendly and eager to help out with the lodge any time he is needed.

Our Lodge

The Pikeville IOOF lodge is listed as one of the many historic places in Pike County Kentucky.


The lodge's stained glass window as seen from the inside.

Regular Meetings
The Odd Fellows of Pikeville meet every first and third Friday of each month at 7:00 PM.  The only exception is if the regular meeting falls on a holiday.  Alternate dates are usually set by the lodge the meeting prior.

Current Odd Fellow Projects

Currently, the Pikeville Odd Fellows help sponser several programs from the Kentucky Grand Lodge and the Sovereign Grand Lodge.  If you would like more information about projects and programs sponsored by the Independant Order of Odd Fellows, try the Kentucky Grand Lodge page and the Sovereign Grand Lodge web page:

Our Location:

The Odd Fellows Lodge 294 is located at 206 Second Street, Pikeville, KY


Odd Fellows Of Pikeville Kentucky - Lodge 294